mushroom breakfast


this morning:  sauté mushroom in butter.  set aside.  scramble eggs.  top with mushrooms and sprouts.  don’t forget to eat breakfast.

p.s.  if you have a favorite mushroom recipe, please do share.  picking up the series again and would like to highlight friends with food.




sunflower sprouts from the farmer’s market. 

sprouts, greens, a little sunshine, a break from the fog, new days, a changing season, and beginning a new year.  as hard as it is to let go, it’s sometimes harder to start over. a lot can get in the way.  for sprouts; it could be frost, time, under development of roots, deprivation of nutrients, lack of sunshine or little momentum in the growth phase.  or something else.  for people?  all apply.  it can be difficult to break through brand new.  i know.  in some ways you’ve seen it unfold and not fold in this space of mine.  despite the planning and well intentions; the doing fell a bit short.  sprouts just “do.”  its breakthrough happens naturally; because the required elements are present.  it’s about trusting you have everything you need.  and i do. and you do. 

here’s to breaking ground a little bit every day.

and to a happy monday.



Happy New Year!  Last year I started a twelve project inspired by Amanda with family & friends.  This year I decided to resurrect it using color themes beginning with white. 

Here are the themes for every month:
January//  White
February// Black
March//  Red
April// Orange
May//  Yellow
June// Green
July// Blue
August// Indigo
September// Violet
October// Stripes
November// Dots
December// Your favorite color

I’m working on the Flickr group; where I will post formally in the months to come.  Consider this my personal invitation for you to join.  Send me an email at if you’re interested. Hope you do!  Sending you my best wishes for the days to come! 

January// White




red film


For my birthday I received the Photojojo vintage film pack and used this camera.  The red film was the first roll I used. I had no idea how to adjust or anticipate how these photos would translate.  I adapted like I would with the same speed.  Lesson learned:  I need to overexpose.  I should have read the reviews and helpful tips.  I’ll do that for the next two.  These photos were taken in January 2012.  My girl had only lost two teeth instead of the four non-baby ones living in her mouth now.  The boy hadn’t started elementary school and was waiting for his fifth birthday.  The puppy wasn’t the whopping 80lbs she is now.  It really wasn’t that long ago but it feels like a lifetime looking back.  Do you know what mean?  I bet you do.

I’ll be sharing the next two rolls with you once I finish them.  I am going to do my best to make it a less nostalgic photo and develop the film more quickly.  Well, at least I’m going to try (wink).

Hope you’re having a great start to your week.